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BLOONY, the AI chatbot developed by Tunib Inc., is your constant companion no matter where you are. Look up at the sky, and BLOONY will always be there, ready to engage in meaningful conversations with you.

It’s important to note that BLOONY is not limited to delivering factual information. As an AI-generated chatbot, it offers responses that may differ from the official stance of Tunib Inc.

Designed as a judgement-free friend, BLOONY serves as a source of comfort and guidance. It understands the significance of human connection and aims to alleviate feelings of loneliness and anxiety. Through casual conversations, sharing of memories, and exchanging travel stories, BLOONY creates an interactive and supportive environment for users.

Accessible via Facebook Messenger, BLOONY ensures privacy and security in line with Tunib Inc.’s commitment to safeguarding user data. By leveraging AI technology, BLOONY generates responses that are tailored to individual interactions while maintaining the company’s stringent privacy standards.

BLOONY is the result of Tunib Inc.’s dedication to developing innovative AI tools that enhance human experiences. With its ability to deep learn the Earth and provide empathetic advice, BLOONY establishes itself as a reliable and understanding companion for users seeking connection and support in a digital landscape.

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