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What Is Cambrian?

Cambrian is an advanced AI tool designed to harness the ongoing Cambrian explosion in AI research. With its semantic search, bookmarking, and Q&A capabilities, Cambrian allows users to tap into a vast repository of knowledge.

The primary purpose of Cambrian is to facilitate deep search across a collection of over 240,000 machine-learning papers. It is constantly updated with newly released research, ensuring access to the latest findings. The tool employs an algorithm that combines classical embedding search techniques with citation weights and recency. This approach enables the identification of influential and impactful papers, acknowledging their contributions to the field.

Cambrian offers CambrianGPT, an in-house Language Model (LLM) specifically developed for querying individual papers. This feature enables rapid knowledge search, allowing users to extract relevant information from specific research articles.

Cambrian empowers researchers and enthusiasts to delve into the expanding realm of AI research by providing advanced search capabilities and access to a comprehensive knowledge base.

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