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What Is Patronus AI?

Patronus AI is an automated evaluation platform specifically designed to tackle Large Language Models (LLMs) failures on a large scale. Its primary goal is to transform the way companies evaluate their use of LLMs, providing a safe and confident environment for the launch of AI products. The tool conducts robust evaluations, detecting and addressing unexpected LLM failures before they can cause any significant damage, ensuring companies can utilize LLMs safely and effectively.

Patronus AI boasts a world-class founding team with extensive expertise in AI safety and explainability. These experts have previously worked at renowned institutions such as Facebook AI Research (FAIR), Airbnb, and Meta Reality Labs. Their collective experience positions Patronus AI at the forefront of AI evaluation tools, capable of offering cutting-edge solutions for the challenges of LLMs.

Patronus AI has already been made available to a select group of engineers and AI researchers. This early access allows the team to fine-tune the platform, optimize its capabilities, and gather valuable feedback to enhance its performance before a full-scale release.

The significance of Patronus AI lies in its potential to revolutionize the landscape of AI evaluation. By addressing the safety and reliability concerns associated with LLMs, companies can confidently launch AI products with reduced risks. This advancement paves the way for a more secure and trustworthy deployment of AI-driven solutions, benefitting industries and consumers alike.

As Patronus AI continues to evolve and refine its offerings, it promises to become a critical tool in the AI development process. With its ability to catch potential failures early on, it empowers companies to harness the full potential of LLMs without compromising safety or efficiency, driving the industry towards more responsible AI adoption.

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