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What Is Photosonic?

Photosonic is an AI tool by Writesonic, Inc. that brings imagination to the screen through its AI Art Generator. With Photosonic, users can create unique artwork without the need to search for stock images or wait weeks for new creatives. The tool opens up endless possibilities for AI-generated art.

One of the key features of Photosonic is its ability to create any type of art in seconds. Whether users want to produce trippy paintings, minimalist illustrations, robot clipart, cartoon canvas paintings, or abstract art faces, the AI drawing generator can assist in creating them in different art styles. The result is truly original artwork and photo-realistic images.

Photosonic also offers cost-saving benefits by enabling users to save hundreds of dollars on stock photos. Instead of purchasing expensive stock images, users can generate AI art that is royalty-free and matches their requirements. With the AI art maker, it’s possible to get a stock image for less than $0.01.

The AI image generator provided by Photosonic is versatile and can be used for multiple online platforms such as social media (TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook), blog posts, and landing pages. Additionally, the tool includes an AI portrait generator, allowing users to create realistic portraits of individuals who don’t exist in the real world.

What sets Photosonic apart is its accessibility. Users do not need high-level art expertise to utilize the AI art generator. With just a few clicks and an accurate text prompt, anyone can generate stunning art. This feature opens up infinite possibilities for artists to discover new ideas without struggling to come up with them manually.

To use Writesonic’s AI art generator, users need to follow a simple process. First, they must go to the Writesonic app, create an account (if they haven’t already), and claim their free trial. If they have used Writesonic before and have no word balance left, they can choose an affordable plan by clicking on the upgrade option.

After signing in, users can navigate to Photosonic, which is located on the left-hand side of the screen in the menu bar. Photosonic provides a platform where users can give instructions to the AI on what they want to generate, such as faces, photos, paintings of objects, fantasy art, and more. Users can also find inspiration from recent creations.

Once the instructions are provided, users can hit the generate button, and the AI drawing generator will create a set of two images in seconds. If desired, users can enhance the quality of the images by clicking on the enhance option. They can then download the preferred images.

The AI art generator of Photosonic allows users to create a wide range of art types. Users can create photorealistic images that resemble photographs, abstract art with unique compositions and colors, portraits that capture the likeness of individuals, still life paintings or photographs of inanimate objects, landscapes showcasing natural beauty, cityscapes depicting urban environments, animal portraits, stylistic images in various artistic styles, 3D images, as well as vectors and graphics.

Photosonic is a powerful AI tool that provides an AI Art Generator to create original artwork in various styles and genres. With its ease of use, cost-saving benefits, and compatibility with multiple online platforms, it empowers users to explore their creativity and produce stunning art with just a few clicks.

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